How to Clean Bluestone

Use Stain Solver, certified organic oxygen bleach, to clean bluestone.

Stain Solver will:

  • not harm any delicate plants around the bluestone
  • not harm or discolor the bluestone
  • remove organic stains and algae

What is the Best Way to Clean Bluestone?

Mix one cup of Stain Solver powder with one gallon of very warm or hot water.

Stir until all the powder is dissolved. This can take up to one minute of stirring.

Apply the solution to bluestone that’s in the shade and is dry. Apply lots of solution as if you had spilled a glass of water on the stone.

Allow the solution to work on its own for up to 30 or 40 minutes never allowing it to evaporate. Add more solution if it soaks in.

At the end of the wait period, scrub the bluestone, rinse and allow to dry.

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Watch this video to see how I’d do it if  I were helping you:

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