plunger in small kitchen sink to free drain clog

Unclog Drains – Clean Drain Clog | Before plunging, use STAIN SOLVER to soften the clog. See DIRECTIONS below.

How to Clean Drain Clogs using STAIN SOLVER

STAIN SOLVER can really help clean drain clogs in many cases.

The active oxygen ions work to break down grease and other organic clogs.

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It’s time for tough love and you may not like it, but I’ve been a master plumber since age 29 and here’s how I would use STAIN SOLVER to try to clean a drain clog:

  1. Use an old plastic Cool Whip container – or similar thing to remove as much as the nasty backed-up water as possible from the sink
  2. Dump 1/2 cup of STAIN SOLVER into the sink strainer
  3. Pour in one gallon of boiling-hot water into the sink slowly
  4. Wait one hour and then plunge


slow-flowing kitchen sink drain

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