fireplace glass doors

Fireplace Glass Doors | These are normal fireplace glass doors. They get coated with soot. STAIN SOLVER will remove all of it.

How to Clean Fireplace Glass Doors – Sponge on STAIN SOLVER

STAIN SOLVER is an excellent fireplace glass door cleaner. I use it all the time on mine. STAIN SOLVERĀ will not harm the glass.


  • soot
  • smoke stains
  • creosote
  • firewood smoke

How To Use It:

Step One: Mix one cup (8 oz) of STAIN SOLVER powder with one gallon of HOT water. Stir until all powder is dissolved.

Step Two: Use a sponge to apply the solution to both sides of the fireplace glass doors. Put an old towel on the hearth to catch drippings. Keep glass doors WET with the solution by reapplying it as needed. Wait at least 20 minutes before scrubbing.

Step Three: Use a Dobie Scouring pad or similar pad to rub the glass. Dip the pad in regular soapy water (liquid dish soap) for the best results. Rinse and dry the fireplace glass doors.

Will STAIN SOLVER Harm Brass Trim?

STAIN SOLVERwill not harm brass that’s protected with a clear finish. STAIN SOLVER isan oxidizer and it can tarnish brass, so just do a small test. If you do see tarnish, just tape off brass so the solution can’t touch it.