how to clean indian food stains

How to Clean Indian Food Stains | YUCK! Don’t freak out. Stain Solver will come to your rescue

How to Clean Indian Food Stains – Use Stain Solver!

Brett sent me this note and the photos:

“You made my wife a believer in Stain Solver. She had ordered Some Indian takeout that ended up on her white jeans!

She was out of town so she just rinsed off as mush as she could at the hotel. When she got back home she laundered the jeans with bleach. Well, I guess bleach and curry don’t mix. It turned the once yellow stain to a red stain.

I grabbed a bucket, filled it with a gallon of water and added 4 scoops of Stain Solver. Let it soak for 6 hours. Rinsed and repeated, but let it sit overnight. The next morning the stain was gone!! Amazing stuff.”

This is the nightmare after trying to use HARSH chlorine bleach. NEVER use chlorine bleach on clothes. It destroys the fabric!

how to clean indian food stains

The jeans look BRAND NEW after soaking in Stain Solver for just six hours. Stain Solver is Certified Organic and both fabric and color-safe!