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Clean garbage disposal | This is a standard garbage disposal. You can clean yours and make it FRESH smelling in just a few minutes using STAIN SOLVER.

How to Clean Garbage Disposal – STAIN SOLVER Can Do It

Your garbage disposal stinks, doesn’t it? Here’s an EASY way to clean it and deodorize it.

The following directions may seem overwhelming, but they’re not. Look how easy it is to do:


  1. Fill a bucket with HOT WATER
  2. Turn on the HOT WATER in your sink
  3. Turn on your disposal as the water runs into it and allow it to run for two minutes
  4. After the two minutes, pour the bucket of HOT WATER into the sink as FAST AS YOU CAN
  5. Turn OFF the disposal once the water drains out
  6. Immediately fill the bucket with one gallon of HOT WATER
  7. Turn OFF the HOT WATER faucet
  8. Add one cup of STAIN SOLVER to the water in the bucket and stir until dissolved
  9. Turn ON the disposal, but keep the faucet OFF.
  10. Pour the gallon of STAIN SOLVER solution into the disposal AS FAST AS POSSIBLE
  11. Do not run water in the sink for an hour
  12. It’s that easy!

Here’s why you need to do all the above steps.

There’s a possibility you’ve got hardened food on the sides of the disposal. Allowing HOT WATER to be splashed around inside the disposal for two minutes by the spinning cutting teeth helps to re-hydrate the food.

When you pour the bucket of HOT WATER into the disposal with the cutting teeth spinning, it creates this cleansing whirlpool vortex within the disposal removing the food.

To PURIFY the disposal, that’s why you do the same thing with the bucket of STAIN SOLVER solution as the last step. Remember, do NOT have the water faucet on when you pour in the STAIN SOLVER solution.



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