hardwood flooring with area rug

How to Clean Hardwood Floors

STAIN SOLVER is a great cleaner for hardwood floors. It removes:

  • food stains
  • oil
  • grease
  • pet accidents
  • any normal thing you might spill or drop on a hardwood floor

How Do I Clean the Hardwood?

Step One: Mix one cup of STAIN SOLVER with 32 ounces (1 quart) of hot tap water. Stir for 90 seconds until all the powder is dissolved.

Step Two: Apply the STAIN SOLVER solution with a sponge mop. Do NOT flood the hardwood floor. You want a thin coating of the solution on the hardwood.

Step Three: Allow the solution to work for five minutes then re-coat the floor again with more solution rubbing as you use the sponge mop. Wait five more minutes, rinse the floor changing the rinse water frequently. Use an old towel to buff the floor.

When the floor dries, you may see a bit of white dust. This is just the soda ash in the STAIN SOLVER and it tells you that you didn’t change the rinse water as often as you should have. Just brush it away or rinse the floor again.