clean toilet tank - looking new

Clean Inside Toilet Tank – This tank looks almost NEW! I got these results in just a few minutes.

How to Clean Inside Toilet Tank – Use Hot Water, Stain Solver, and Magic Happens

It’s easy to clean the inside of a toilet tank. I cleaned mine just today. The house is twenty years old and the inside of the tank has NEVER been cleaned. Look how gross it was:

toilet tank inside - with person's hand

I flushed the toilet and held onto the float arm so it wouldn’t fill with water so you could see how bad it is.


  1. Get a 5-gallon bucket of HOT WATER
  2. Remove the tank lid and set it on the floor NOT the toilet seat!!!
  3. Flush the toilet and when empty hold up the float arm to stop water from entering the tank
  4. Continue to hold the float arm and dump in one cup of STAIN SOLVER
  5. Have a helper pour the hot water into the tank until it fills all the way to the top of the vertical overflow tube
  6. Allow the STAIN SOLVER to work for two hours or more
  7. At the end of the soaking period, flush the toilet, allow the tank to fill and use the special brush to touch up the sides of the tank

Here are the step-by-step photos and the brush.

stain solver bubbling inside toilet tank

Here’s a wide view of the STAIN SOLVER working in the first few minutes. Look at all the crap it’s floating to the surface on its own!

close up stain solver bubbles in toilet tank

The STAIN SOLVER is working like mad attacking the slime, bacteria, and viruses in the tank!

clean toilet tank with long bristle brush

This is a very special brush I use to clean toilet tanks. It’s narrow and can get in between all the things in the tank.

toilet tank bristle brush next to hand

This is a close-up of the brush with my hand for scale.

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