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How to Clean Juicer | This is my own juicer blender. It’s ten years old! Look how crystal clear the juicer is. Why? I just add warm water to the top, pour in one tablespoon of Stain Solver and WALK AWAY. Yes, no scrubbing is required! Copyright 2019 Tim Carter | Co-Founder StainSolver.com

I guarantee your juicer will look like new if you just use non-abrasive certified organic Stain Solver to the juicer along with some warm water. Let it sit for a few hours or overnight and it will magically be crystal clear!

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Tim Carter | Co-Founder StainSolver.com

How To Clean Juicer | Just Add Stain Solver & Warm Water

Stain Solver is a certified organic oxygen bleach that will clean your juicer making it look like new.

How Does it Clean?

When you add Stain Solver powder to the water in the juicer, it immediately creates billions of tiny cleaning oxygen bubbles. The fizzing bubbles attack stains and destroy them.

WATCH this video to see how Stain Solver cleans a juicer:

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How Much Stain Solver Do I Need?

Just add 1 tablespoon of the Stain Solver powder to the water in the juicer. Hot water works best and releases the fizzing oxygen bubbles faster. No scrubbing is required, but after letting the oxygen work for several hours or overnight, it’s not a bad idea to rub the inside of the juicer using a wet Dobie pad.

Is Stain Solver Toxic?

No, Stain Solver is not toxic. Stain Solver is just a dried form of hydrogen peroxide and natural soda ash. When you add Stain Solver to water you release natural oxygen into the water and the oxygen does the cleaning. Oxygen is not toxic as we need it to live!

Will Stain Solver Leave a Residual Taste in the Juicer?

No. Stain Solver will leave the juicer like new and there’s no chemical residue taste if you just wash it normally and rinse it well. After using the Stain Solver just quickly wash the inside of the juicer with liquid dish soap, rinse, and you’ve now got a gorgeous clear juicer!

What else will Stain Solver Clean?

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