STAIN SOLVER is an excellent cleaner for any lampshade because it’s both fabric and color-safe.

How to Clean Lampshade

Step 1: Mix one quart of HOT water with  1/4 cup of STAIN SOLVER Рstir until completely dissolved

Step 2: Remove lampshade and place on an old clean towel. Add solution to a spray bottle and spritz the lampshade until it’s soaked through

Step 3: Wait 15 minutes and spritz the lampshade again. After 30 total minutes of soaking time, rinse well and allow to dry

PRO TIP: Be sure the inner frame of the lampshade is brass or brass-plated steel. If the frame is just normal steel, you need to rapidly dry the lampshade to prevent rust stains. Use a high-speed fan or a hairdryer set on medium.

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