How to Clean Metal Roof

clean metal roof stain solver
How to Clean Metal Roof | This is the AFTER photo. Look below for how filthy the roof was and all the black mildew.

How to Clean Metal Roof – Work in the Shade

It’s really easy to clean a metal roof using STAIN SOLVER. Wayne Reetz cleaned his outdoor soaking tub shelter that had 20+ years of dirt and mildew.

How Do You Clean the Roof?

Wayne followed our instructions to clean his metal roof.

  • Mix one cup of STAIN SOLVER with each gallon of hot or warm water. Stir until completely dissolved.
  • Apply the solution with a garden hand-pump sprayer on COOL metal roofing in the shade.
  • DO NOT APPLY the solution to a HOT roof in the sun. It will evaporate too quickly.
  • Keep the metal roof wet with the solution for 30 minutes then scrub. Do not add water to the roof during the wait period – it will DILUTE the STAIN SOLVER solution. If the roof starts to dry, spray on more STAIN SOLVER solution.
  • After waiting 30 minutes, scrub the roof with a stiff brush applying plenty of water as you scrub.

What Safety Precautions Should I Take?

Do NOT ever stand on a wet metal roof. Only stand on DRY metal roofing and be extremely careful. Algae-covered roofs can be very slippery.

Will the STAIN SOLVER Damage the Painted Metal?

The STAIN SOLVER should not damage the paint. The sun’s UV rays do damage paint and will break down both the paint’s resin and pigments. It’s possible some of this sun-damaged material may be removed by STAIN SOLVER. Do a TEST AREA to ensure you’ll be okay.

metal roof with mildew stain

metal roof mildew lichen
This is a close-up shot of one of the roof panels. Look at all the gross mildew.
metal roof clean stain solver
This is the metal roof after cleaning with STAIN SOLVER. Note how it looks brand new with NO DAMAGE to the paint.