How to Clean Teak Furniture

Stain Solver is a fantastic cleaner for any outdoor teak furniture. It removes the sun-damaged gray wood fibers as well as sun-damaged stains and clear finishes but doesn’t harm the wood or nearby expensive landscaping.

Here are a few before, during and after photos of our own teak table out on our deck. The step-by-step process to clean the teak is below:

clean teak furniture
This is what the teak looked like before I started cleaning it with Stain Solver. Copyright 2019 Stain Solver Corp.
clean teak furniture
Here’s the after photo but I got ahead of myself and had already applied the stain to the center section. See how the Stain Solver did NOT harm the gorgeous brown color of the natural teak? Copyright 2019 Stain Solver Corp.
clean teak furniture
This is the finished product. Doesn’t it look amazing? I did this in just a few hours. CLICK or TAP HERE to order now. You’ll need 4.5 pounds for a job like this.

Cleaning Tips & Instructions:

  • Mix one cup of Stain Solver per gallon of warm or hot water – stir until dissolved completely
  • Apply the solution to the teak in the shade – be sure the teak is dry so the solution soaks in
  • Allow the solution to soak for 15-30 minutes – add more solution as needed to keep the teak wet
  • Scrub with a good scrub brush, rinse and allow to dry