soap scum on walk-in corner, glass shower

You can clean VERTICAL surfaces ANYWHERE inside or outside your home using STAIN SOLVER. Use STAIN SOLVER to DISSOLVE the SOAP SCUM.

How to Clean Vertical Surfaces – Frequent Spraying & Paper Towels

Vertical surfaces offer up a unique challenge with STAIN SOLVER.

When you mix STAIN SOLVER. with water, the consistency is just like water.

Water runs off almost all vertical surfaces.

How Do You Get Vertical Surfaces Clean?

It’s important to realize that STAIN SOLVER needs to be in CONTACT with the surface being cleaned for at least 15 minutes, and sometimes up to 30 minutes to get the BEST RESULTS. This means you need to keep the vertical surface WET WITH THE SOLUTION for the entire wait, or dwell, time.

I have had great luck simply spritzing vertical surfaces with STAIN SOLVER.  I put the STAIN SOLVER solution in a spray bottle.

I’ve also place clean paper towels on a vertical surface and saturated them with STAIN SOLVER. The paper towers readily stick to smooth vertical surfaces like glass and tile.

The key is to just keep the surface WET with the STAIN SOLVER. solution.


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