How to Clean Vitamix®

You clean your Vitamix┬« blender the same way I clean my regular blender. Here’s my fruit-stained blender:

how to clean vitamix

A Vitamix blender is made with the same acrylic body as this blender. Fruit and vegetable ingredients get into the scratched surface of the blender. Stain Solver REMOVES the stains with NO SCRUBBING!

All you do is fill the blender to the top with WARM water and dump in two tablespoons of certified organic Stain Solver.

Then walk away.

Here’s what your blender will look like in a few hours:

how to clean vitamix

Yes, you can get your Vitamix blender this clean. It may not be as clear as this once done because you might have scratched your blender container with nuts and icy fruit.

stain solver