This is part two of a short series of emails resulting from the packaging survey you may have filled out a few days ago.

Dissolving Blues

You may be one of our customers that has issues getting STAIN SOLVER to dissolve.

Let’s go back in time to your high school chemistry class. I remember my chemistry teacher, Mr. Fuchs. His younger brother was in my class.

One of the experiments we had to do was measure the time it took to dissolve some crystals in water. It might have been copper sulfate.

We had to try to dissolve the crystals in ice water, room temperature water, and boiling hot water.

To make a long story short, the crystals dissolved the fastest in the boiling water. It took forever and ever to get some of them to dissolve in the ice water. I’m sure you’ve had the same issue trying to get sugar to dissolve in iced tea, right?

STAIN SOLVER is the same. You can get it to dissolve MUCH FASTER if you simply use hot water when you mix it up. When I use HOT tap water, it takes no more than one minute of stirring to get it all to dissolve.

PRO TIP: If you don’t get all the STAIN SOLVER to dissolve, you’re just cleaning with WATER and dilute STAIN SOLVER. You need to completely dissolve all the powder to get the magic cleaning powers to come to life.

If you’re using STAIN SOLVER to remove grass or blood stains, you can mix it in HOT water and then add some ice cubes to cool the solution back down so you don’t set those stains.

Questions? Let us know!

Tim and Kathy Carter