Is Stain Solver Safe

Stain Solver Safety – Stain Solver is a Safe Oxygen Bleach

Ron reached out to us and asked a very valid question:

“I can likely use some Stain Solver, but I’m terrified about products like this.  I bought and then disposed of CLR because I kept thinking of how dangerous it must be.  Stain Solver, as a bleach, seems equally scary and dangerous.  I don’t recall you ever discussing the safety aspects of the product.”

It’s important to realize Stain Solver is a chemical. Fortunately, Stain Solver is a very safe chemical.

For all intents and purposes, Stain Solver is a dried form of hydrogen peroxide, not too much different than the product you buy at the grocery to clean wounds.

When you mix the pure certified organic Stain Solver powder with clear clean water you get three things in the magic chemical solution:

  • more water
  • pure oxygen micro bubbles
  • natural soda ash

That’s why Stain Solver is so safe! The pure oxygen ions are the active part of the clear liquid solution and they’re what does all the work to clean, to deodorize, and to restore and renew hundreds of things in and outside your home.

CLICK or TAP HERE to watch several videos showing you how to use Stain Solver to clean things.

How do Stain Solver and Chlorine Bleach Compare?

Chlorine bleach is a very powerful and dangerous chemical. You must treat it with the utmost respect.

Mixed with other common chemicals around the home, and you can create toxic deadly chlorine gas. People do die each year poisoned by chlorine gas.

Chlorine bleach is such a strong oxidizer that it destroys the bonds that hold fabric threads together. This is why your clothes shred and tear apart easily after you wash them in chlorine bleach a number of times.

Chlorine bleach is so powerful it breaks down the molecules of synthetic dye. This is why when you wash your clothes or get a drop of pure chlorine on anything, the color either fades or disappears entirely.

Chloren bleach is TOXIC to outdoor vegetation and plants. A past neighbor of mine killed a giant maple tree using chlorine bleach to clean her patio stones.

Stain Solver doesn’t create toxic gas. Stain Solver is fabric and color safe. Stain Solver is not toxic to plants.