July 21, 2021 Stain Solver Newsletter

It’s been a busy morning here at STAIN SOLVER.

An email storm has been raging all day with me (Tim) going back and forth with the STAIN SOLVER contract packager and the trucking company.

If all goes well, and it appears it will, all of the manufacturing will be complete by this Friday (July 22, 2021). The following Monday morning, just five days from now, nearly 20 pallets of boxed product will be put into the bowels of a 53-foot covered semi-tractor trailer.

It will scurry south to Knoxville, TN arriving there in about nine hours.

Once the pallets are unloaded at the receiving dock on Tuesday, it takes 48 hours to process them. At that point, they’re ready for shipping labels so they can be delivered to your doorstep.

This means on Friday, July 30th, we should be able to ship them out to you! That said, it could be as late as Monday, August 2nd, if there’s a minor hiccup in the above process.

We’ve decided to re-open the shopping cart this Friday, July 23rd, and take orders.

It’s important to realize, you won’t get a shipping email for at least a week after you order, and you might not get your order until August 7-10th.

Are you good with that delayed shipping scenario?

If so, then place your order this Friday so you make sure you get the size you want.

We will have a promo code on Friday for you to help relieve most of the inflationary price increase.

Why You Should React?

We manufacture 20,000 pounds at a time. This time, we decided to make the most five gallon pails in the history of the company – 279.

That’s 12,555 pounds of product!

Because you’re a valued customer, we’re sharing the sale with you FIRST. On Sunday, I’ll share it with the tens of thousands of my Ask the Builder newsletter subscribers.

Is this starting to make sense? How many hundreds of orders for STAIN SOLVER might we get just from the Ask the Builder subscribers?

If you want a 5-gallon pail of STAIN SOLVER, you should order on Friday as soon as we reach out to you.

If we sell 200 of these in the first few days of the sale, we’ll immediately proceed to manufacture another 20,000 pounds, and dedicate the entire batch to nothing but the SS50 SKU. That means we’ll end up with 435 new pails of STAIN SOLVER.

But here’s the rub. Even if I start the process to make that new batch next Tuesday, it would be the end of August before those 435 pails would be at the fulfillment center in Knoxville, TN.

Bottom Line: Watch for an email from us on Friday.

Thanks for your unending patience and let’s hope we never again run out of product to sell. What a nightmare it’s been the past three months!

Tim & Kathy Carter