July 23, 2021 Stain Solver Newsletter

We’re very happy to announce you can now purchase ALL SIZES of STAIN SOLVER.

We will start to SHIP the product to you late next week. Be aware of that, please.

Use this promo code to take away some of the sting of the inflationary price increase:


The promo code will only work for one week.

ATTENTION to SS50 folks:

We only made 279 of the five-gallon pails.

Moments after we opened the cart back up two hours ago, a man in eastern Massachusetts bought TWO of them!

I’m going to announce this SALE to my 31,000 Ask the Builder newsletter subscribers on Sunday.

How many five-gallon pails will they buy?

Get the point?

If you WANT a five-gallon pail, ORDER RIGHT NOW. I actually feel we could sell out of them in the next seven days.

Thanks SO MUCH for your patience is these trying times!

Tim & Kathy Carter