Do you burn wood for heat or ambience?

Is the area around your fireplace black with soot and smoke stains?

How about those glass fireplace doors? Are they crystal-clear or smudged with soot stains?

fireplace with glass doors

The good news is STAIN SOLVER will restore your brick, stone, or granite fireplace surround to brand-new condition.

STAIN SOLVER will remove all the soot and smoke stains from your glass fireplace doors.

It’s MAGIC, but you already knew that, didn’t you?

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All sizes of STAIN SOLVER are in stock.

When we re-opened the shopping cart two days ago, we thought we’d sell lots of the five-gallon pails.

We were right. They were selling at a rate of about two per HOUR.

The five-gallon pail is your best buy on a per-pound basis.

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Do yourself a favor and order now before you forget.

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Cleaning Challenge

Do you have something that you want to clean and don’t think STAIN SOLVER will do the job?

Just reply to this email and ASK US. We’re confident we can get whatever it is CLEAN. Go ahead, try!

Thanks as always for your trust and business.

Tim and Kathy Carter

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