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Do you remember the last time a friend, neighbor, relative, or co-worker shared a tip with you that solved a problem?

You were pretty grateful, weren’t you?

It’s never been easier to share tips, especially if you use any form of social media. One we use is NextDoor.

Just last week, a homeless young man needed a job and a roof over his head. He’d been camping out. Within a day, he was in a new apartment and had a few job offers. Wow!

Do you belong to a Facebook group? There are hundreds of thousands of them, heck, maybe millions! If you have a specific pet, you can rest assured there’s a group about that animal, bird or fish.

Every conceivable hobby has a group on Facebook.

Did you know there are cleaning groups? Yes, folks just like you who LOVE to clean things share tips there. You might discover something new in that group that will help you.

Or, you may share with the group how STAIN SOLVER removed this or that stain! This is one reason it’s so important for you to start taking before and after photos. Please share them with us too!

Perhaps you do Instagram or Pinterest or ??? Share your STAIN SOLVER success stories there and help one of your followers!

Not everyone knows about STAIN SOLVER and you’ll be doing them a great favor!

Pressure Washers & STAIN SOLVER

Robert asked us yesterday if he could use STAIN SOLVER in his pressure washer. As you might suspect, we’ve answered that question before.

CLICK or TAP HERE to see how we suggest using STAIN SOLVER with a pressure washer.


Remember, the current SALE ends in just a few days. The five gallon pails are selling like crazy as we thought they would. It’s your BEST BUY per pound by far.

Promo Code: KT5

CLICK or TAP HERE to order.

Tim and Kathy Carter