July 29, 2020 Stain Solver Newsletter

Well, it’s been a while!

We FINALLY have two sizes of Stain Solver for sale. We were just alerted to this late yesterday.

You can purchase the 4.5-pound size or the 9.2-pound size.

The 2.2-pound and 50-pound sizes SHOULD be available next Monday.

You can get 7% off the 4.5-pound size now and 9% off the 9.2-pound size.

We have a LIMITED NUMBER of each of the two sizes in stock now. If you don’t want to run out in the next three months, I urge you to purchase MORE than you might normally.

CLICK or TAP HERE for the 4.5-pound size.

CLICK or TAP HERE for the 9.2-pound size.

Thanks for your patience.

Tim and Kathy Carter