Stain Solver & Susan – Pre-soaking & Carpets

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Susan sent this message moments ago and we felt it could save you time and money:

“I am so pleased with how our laundry looks when I use STAIN SOLVER as a pre-soak. And it is a useful carpet-stain remover too! Mixing with hot water before use allows the powder to dissolve and achieve its full potential as a cleaner.”

Here’s a test you should do to demonstrate exactly what Susan is talking about.

Step 1: Fill a clean 5-gallon bucket – or similar container – with two gallons of HOT water. Add 1/2 cup of STAIN SOLVER and stir for 30 seconds.

Step 2: Immerse in the solution some clothes, dishrags, towels, etc. with stubborn stains. Push them down in the solution to get them really wet. Leave them alone. Wait four hours.

Step 3: After the four-hour dwell time, lift the garments, etc. out of the solution. LOOK AT THE COLOR of the water!!

Remember, we didn’t say to agitate or tumble the garments or towels during the four hours of soaking time.

The magic oxygen bubbles of STAIN SOLVER were working on their own. Just the bubbles alone lifted the stains!

This is why Susan loves to pre-soak her laundry!

And she’s right about STAIN SOLVER being a great carpet-stain remover. Please peer at this BEFORE photo. You might have been tempted to rip up the carpet:

dirty carpet

CLICK HERE to see the astonishing AFTER photo.

You’ll NOT BELIEVE IT. Be sure you read the SIMPLE STEP Justin did to get the results.

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Tim & Kathy Carter