July 8, 2021 Stain Solver News

It’s been way too long since we’ve been in your Inbox. We apologize.

That’s about to change in a big way as we’re taking lessons from L.L. Bean.

We’ve got lots of news. Most of it is good, some is bad.

Let’s start with the good news:

Our contract packaging partner is just about to do a batch of 20,000 pounds of STAIN SOLVER. This process started almost THREE MONTHS AGO. Normally, the process to make new STAIN SOLVER is no more than five weeks.

We hope to have the product ready to ship to you from the new Knoxville, TN fulfillment center by July 20th. It could be a few days after that.

We’re devoting 12,555 pounds of that to our SS50 SKU. Do that math and you’ll see it’s only 279 pails.

Our SS50 size is by far the BEST BUY per pound.

Remember, if you freeze or keep STAIN SOLVER cold, it lasts indefinitely.

We added a new page to the STAIN SOLVER website yesterday. It’s got dramatic before/after photos of how to clean ANY wood implement, bowl, cutting board, etc. in your kitchen. Remember, if it’s WOOD, you can make it look brand new with STAIN SOLVER.

CLICK or TAP HERE to see the amazing photos.

Now for the bad news.

Supply-chain disruption of just about all the things we need has extended the time to make the product. We normally buy all our bottles, buckets and lids from just one company in Chicago. This time we had to go to three companies, one as far away as Philadelphia!

We use custom-made cardboard boxes so your STAIN SOLVER survives the crushing log jams on the UPS and FedEx conveyor belts. These normally take days to make once ordered. This time it was three weeks.

The active ingredient in STAIN SOLVER requires haz-mat drivers to transport it from the manufacturer to our contract packager. There was a shortage of these drivers in the region where the active ingredient is made. This has NEVER HAPPENED in the 26 years we’ve purchased the raw material.

The cost of every aspect of providing STAIN SOLVER to you has gone up. One of the biggest reasons I’ve heard from ALL of my suppliers and the actual contract packager that blends and packages the product is:

The US Government handing out FREE MONEY to people has made it nearly impossible to get workers. People would rather stay at home and watch TV than come to work. This shouldn’t surprise anyone.

This means all the companies that make our bottles, lids, labels, cardboard boxes, etc. have to OFFER HIGHER WAGES to attract workers. They’re also having to pay higher prices for raw materials.

They pass this expense on to us.

The huge shipping companies like UPS and FedEx are now running close to or AT FULL CAPACITY each week now. It used to be this just happened in December. Online purchasing because of the pandemic was responsible for most of this surge in shipping.

In other words, shipping costs are going up.

For us to stay in business and continue to offer you the BEST certified organic oxygen bleach in the USA, we are forced to raise our prices.

We will be having a PRE-SALE in days. We will offer a promo code to take all the sting out of the price increase.

We don’t want to start the PRE-SALE until such time as we can GUARANTEE when your order will ship out of Knoxville. We should know that by early next week.

You’ll hear from us soon about the PRE-SALE.

Thanks for your continued trust and business.

Tim & Kathy Carter