Inflation News – Prices Will Go UP Soon

It’s been a long while!

Have you seen the disturbing news about inflation?

A new batch of 10 tons of Stain Solver is about to be manufactured. The cost of everything including raw materials, packaging, boxes, labor, freight to the plant and then transportation of finished product to the distribution center is UP.

This means when the new material goes on sale the price will unfortunately have to go UP.

If you want to purchase Stain Solver at the lowest price in history, I suggest you go do it right now.

The 9.2-pound size is out of stock. If you want the BEST buy per pound, then get the SS50 size.

Thanks for your trust and business.

GO HERE to place your order.

If you see an Out of Stock message, that means that size is SOLD OUT until the new product becomes available.

Tim & Kathy Carter