September 1, 2021 Stain Solver Newsletter

Things have been really quiet around here for the past month.

The reason is I (Tim) contracted the COVID virus and am proud to say with the help of my lovely and caring wife Kathy, we beat it. Surprisingly, my doctor offered little help, “Go home. Take Ibuprofen. If things get worse, go to the ER.

Bottom Line: I’m one of the tens of millions who have come through the experience on the right side of the grass. Yes, I’m in the 99.6% survival group! WOO HOO!

Think about that. All this craziness over the past two years from an illness that has a survival rate almost identical the ordinary seasonal flu.


Kathy used STAIN SOLVER to regularly kill any bacteria and de-activate any virus in all the bedding, pillow cases, my clothes, etc.

You see, if you add STAIN SOLVER to wash water and then set your machine to SOAK, after about 45 minutes of soaking you achieve a 99.9% kill rate. Once the soaking is complete, then rotate the dial and wash everything as you normally would.

The issue is that time-frame is not fast enough to be able to say STAIN SOLVER is an official sanitizer. Federal regulations say you need to get a 99.9% kill rate in X minutes. We get the kill rate, but not fast enough to satisfy the labeling requirement.

I’ll have other success stories soon. In the past month, I got an amazing photo from a customer who used STAIN SOLVER to get rid of diesel fuel stains from a new t-shirt. Nothing else would work.

Thanks for being a STAIN SOLVER customer!

Tim & Kathy Carter