March 30, 2018 Stain Solver Newsletter

Happy Easter!

Some little person may get chocolate on your carpet, their clothes, your clothes, your upholstered furniture or ???? Yes, this weekend is probably the second biggest chocolate holiday just behind Halloween.

That’s just ONE REASON we’re having our End-of-Winter Sale. Here are a few other reasons:

  • Deck or Dock cleaning
  • Patio cleaning
  • Algae from wood or vinyl siding
  • Winter crud from car carpets
  • Grease removal from kitchen cabinets
  • Floor tile grout deep cleaning
  • Restore musty camping gear, tents, sleeping bags
  • Deep clean picnic coolers
  • De-odorize pet accident areas

Should I keep going? Do you want me to list MORE things to clean?


Are you one of our customers that LOVES the 9-pound size? We just did a manufacturing run, but there are just SO MANY of this size in the warehouse. I’m serious.

We can’t make more at the drop of a hat. The same is true for our 50-pound size. We have the LEAST NUMBER of 50-pounders available.

If you like to purchase Stain Solver in larger quantities and you don’t want to RUN OUT and be disappointed to see the OUT OF STOCK message at the shopping cart, then BUY NOW.

I’m not using this as a scare tactic – I’m telling you the truth.

ORDER NOW so you’re not left out.

PROMO CODE for the sale:


10% off all sizes except the small sample size. FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 states.

The sale will end in NINE DAYS.

PLEASE ORDER ASAP so you’re not disappointed.


Kathy and I are NOT yanking your chain. You must realize we have just so much packaged up to send out. Once it’s gone, it’s gone until we do another full-blown manufacturing run.

Good Luck to you. We hope you don’t see the Out of Stock message!

Tim, Kathy and the Stain Solver Team

P.S. If you have QUESTIONS, call Ellen: 513-407-8727