Muddy Sports Bras Cleaned with Stain Solver

Laura's BEFORE photo

Laura’s BEFORE photo

Laura's BEFORE photo

Laura’s BEFORE photo

Here is Laura’s email explaining what happened to her sports bras.


I am writing to tell you something you probably already know, that you have an amazing and excellent product in Stain Solver! I did one of those crazy obstacle course events last weekend with a few obstacles that had us either slogging on our bellies under about 20 -30 yards of barbed-wire through mud and rocks or in a mucky pond climbing over and under logs when we weren’t climbing up hills or through mud and muck. Needless to say, we got dirty. (This was not my first time doing one of these, but this time was way dirtier than the last).

I thought my sports bras were ruined after these events because they were so stained from the muck; they even had dirt trapped in the seams. I couldn’t imagine they’d be good for much other than another a pull toy for the dogs. I knew chlorine bleach would ruin them. I had Stain Solver work on a red wine-stained table cloth, so I gave it a try on the sports bras.

I’ve enclosed photos so you can see the challenge Stain Solver was up against on one of them. I used the Stain Solver as directed (4 scoops per gallon of warm water) and let it soak for about 6 hours, rinsed and did it again, then tossed them in the wash. I was stunned. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how clean they were. And there is no damage to the elastic or fabric like there would have been with bleach. I’ve shared it with my friends, and am posting this onto Facebook!!! I want the world to know what a great product you have.

I hope you and your family never stop making this stuff!

Kindest Regards,”


Thank you, Laura, for sharing your story and great before and after photos!