Stain Solver Story

Stain Solver is a family business.

It all started when Tim Carter, founder of opens in a new windowAsktheBuilder.com, was doing research to discover the best product to clean wood decks.

Tim’s found out that certified organic oxygen bleach is the best thing to use. After talking for an hour over dinner with one of the top chemists in the USA about why oxygen bleach was such a great wood cleaner, Tim asked, “Does it work to clean anything else?

Ninety minutes later, Tim finally walked out of the restaurant and couldn’t wait to tell his wife Kathy about this amazing  non-toxic color-safe and fabric-safe bleach.

The chemist sent a 100-pound bag of the magic oxygen bleach to Tim and Kathy. They started to test it on everything that was water washable around their home. They also gave away much of it to their friends to see what they could clean.

Six months later, their friends came back begging for more.

Tim and Kathy knew it was time to start selling this wonderful cleaner, but they needed a name.

Since it solved stain problems, they decided upon Stain Solver.

A small corner of their basement was transformed into a manufacturing and shipping center. Tim and his son would carry 50-pound bags of the magic powder to the basement. A kitchen measuring cup was used to pour it into 32-ounce plastic bottles.

Tim would hand label each bottle.

empty 0.4-pound stain solver bottles being labeled
The small sample bottles of Stain Solver are still labeled and filled by hand with the same care and attention as all the larger sizes.

Kathy would print out the shipping labels.

Tim’s daughters helped as well. It was a true family affair.

Their oldest daughter came up with Stain Solver’s slogan:

Your everyday everything cleaner!

The manufacturing outgrew the basement as the business grew.

Stain Solver is still made in the USA with ingredients sourced in the USA.

The Stain Solver you’re about to use is still made with the same care and attention Tim and Kathy did all those years ago in their basement.

When you use Stain Solver to clean anything around your home we’re convinced you’ll have the same reaction as Tim and Kathy’s friends all those years ago.

You’ll be asking us for more.

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