OxiClean® vs STAIN SOLVER – Night vs Day

You may wonder what the difference is between OxiClean® and STAIN SOLVER. Here’s a shortlist:

  • STAIN SOLVER is Certified Organic. We can’t find any proof or claim that OxiClean® is.
  • STAIN SOLVER‘s pure ingredients are all made in the USA. We believe OxiClean®’s come from Asia as they won’t tell us when asked.
  • STAIN SOLVER has far more active ingredient than OxiClean® based upon a visual inspection of the two products.
  • STAIN SOLVER is a small family-owned business whereas OxiClean® is a brand owned by a mega-corporation.

How Much STAIN SOLVER do I use instead of OxiClean®?

Use only 1/3 of the amount of STAIN SOLVER as you’d use OxiClean®. Yes, STAIN SOLVER is that powerful.

How Much Does STAIN SOLVER cost per pound vs OxiClean®?

The last time we checked, OxiClean® cost $3 per pound on Amazon.com. You can purchase STAIN SOLVER for just $3.46 a pound if you purchase our largest size and split it among friends or neighbors. STAIN SOLVER is simply a better value when you make this comparison.

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