President’s Day Stain Solver Sale

I shared the following in my Ask the Builder newsletter on Sunday. I thought you might chuckle too:

George Washington and Abe Lincoln!

Here’s another photo to gaze at:

clean burnt metal pot

This is a metal pot. The black stain is from milk. How’s that possible?

Easy – turn on the burner to heat it up, walk away and get distracted. You can also melt plastic birds on tea pots the same way.

CLICK OR TAP HERE to see the metal pot after it soaked in Stain Solver.

What does this have to do with George and Abe?

Both former presidents drank lots of milk, and Abe had a glass of chocolate milk each night with two pecan cookies. Don’t believe the unfounded and ugly rumors about him and Disaronno. Not for a second.

What’s more, how do you think George got his muslin frock clean after splattering it with cherry juice when he cut down his Dad’s favorite tree?

He used STAIN SOLVER of course! He also used Stain Solver to get the mud stains off his pants after crossing the Delaware River. The infantry of the Continental Army using Stain Solver to clean their uniforms in hot water pots hanging over campfires is a story oft told at West Point.

Abe wore white shirts when he did his legal work for the Rock Island Railroad. He routinely got black ink on his sleeves because he hated wearing sleeve socks. Abe’s wife Mary loved to use Stain Solver to keep her man’s work shirts looking like new!

Thomas Jefferson told his admirals to use STAIN SOLVER to get algae off Old Ironsides before they finally switched to copper plates. He wanted the ship to look its best before he dispatched it to kick the Barbary Pirates’ butts. But I digress.

Wait, wait … I worry you think I’m being mendacious. Tsk tsk.

Let’s celebrate Presidents Day with the new the PRESIDENTS WOULD HAVE LOVED STAIN SOLVER SALE!

Stain Solver is a multi-purpose certified organic cleaner. CLICK OR TAP HERE to see my all-time FAVORITE before/after photos sent in by a customer.

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The sale ends in one week. I’ll be sending out reminder emails, but realize that quantities of the size you want are LIMITED. We only have so many boxed at the fulfillment center – I’m telling you the truth about this!

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