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Remove Cat Urine From Clothes | This is my cat Finn. He’s an F3 Savannah  and he’s got a bad habit of spraying and urinating in our laundry room on unwashed clothes.. Fortunately, I have Stain Solver and it immediately gets rid of the stains and ALL ODOR! It’s magic! Copyright 2019 Tim Carter | Co-Founder

Remove Cat Urine From Clothes | Fast & Easy

“Cat urine smell is horrible. It’s easy to remove both the pungent odor and any stain from clothes with my Stain Solver. I GUARANTEE you it will work and work FAST. It’s easy to mix and apply.

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Tim Carter | Co-Founder

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How Does it Remove the Cat Urine?

When you add Stain Solver powder to water, it immediately creates billions of tiny cleaning and de-odorizing oxygen bubbles. The fizzing bubbles attack and destroy the cat urine stains and odor molecules. WATCH THIS VIDEO to see how the oxygen bubbles work:

Will Stain Solver Damage Clothes?

No. Stain Solver will not harm clothes. It’s a powerful oxygen bleach that removes stains and odor but it’s easy on fabrics. It’s going to deep clean it while removing the cat urine and the urine odor.

Is Stain Solver Color & Fabric Safe?

Yes, Stain Solver is color and fabric safe. When you apply the solution to your couch, carpet, clothes, bedding, blankets, etc. it will NOT HARM them at all.

How Much Stain Solver Do I Need?

Just add 1 tablespoon of the Stain Solver powder to one cup of water. Stir until the powder is dissolved and apply to the affected area. Saturate the fabric or area with the solution for best results.

Hot water works best for mixing and releases the fizzing oxygen bubbles faster. No scrubbing is required to remove the cat urine stain and smell.

Is Stain Solver Toxic?

No, Stain Solver is not toxic. Stain Solver is just a dried form of hydrogen peroxide and natural soda ash. When you add Stain Solver to water you release natural oxygen into the water and the oxygen does the cleaning. Oxygen is not toxic as we need it to live!

Stain Solver will not leave a toxic residue that will harm your cat. As with any chemical, do not allow your cat to drink the solution nor allow it to get the solution on its paws. Use common sense and sequester your kitty in another room or a carrier while you work with the Stain Solver.

What else will Stain Solver Clean?

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