green algae on roof shingles

Remove Green Algae From Roof | This is typical green algae on roof shingles. You can remove it with ease using Stain Solver. Work in the shade in the cool part of the day.

Remove Green Algae From Roof – Easy with Stain Solver

Watch this video to see the way you and I would remove green algae from your roof:

Video Transcript:

Guess what we got here? Roof algae! What is it? Well, it’s a microscopic organism that feeds off of calcium carbonate or powdered limestone, that’s in the asphalt shingles.

Does it hurt the shingles? No!

Does that mean you need a new roof? No, but a lot of people have it and they want to clean it off.

Some roofs also have regular green algae that comes from trees and things that are near the houses. Well there’s a way to clean that off as well.

Here’s what you do. The way to clean off roof algae is to go ahead and mix up some oxygen bleach with water. It’s a powder. It’s safe. It doesn’t take the color out of the shingles, and it doesn’t hurt the shingles or vegetation or anything else near your home.

What you do is put it into a pump sprayer. Spray it on the roof, and you need to keep the roof wet with the solution for about ten or fifteen minutes.

The oxygen bleach starts to go ahead and attack the roof algae. It does its best to kill it and take away the stains.

Take a scrub brush, lightly scrub the shingles. Apply more solution if you have to to get a nice workable solution. Then once the shingles are clean, you go ahead and take a hose and just rinse the roof off.

It’s really that simple. Okay, this roof’s going to need a second application. Maybe even a third one. It was extra dirty.

Now there’s a couple of safety tips I want to tell you about. When working on a roof, first off, all roofs are slippery. When you get them wet. they’re even more slippery. And when you put on oxygen bleach, they are even more slippery. So make sure you’re very careful. Wear some good sturdy gym shoes that give you good traction. Also try to work on the roofs when it’s cooler, maybe in the morning, or on a cloudy overcast day. Never try to work when it’s extremely hot and extremely sunny. It makes the oxygen bleach evaporate too fast.

Be careful if you’re trying to clean roof algae off your roof.

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Roof shingles with algae stains removed

The shingles look brand new! Remember, work on a COOL roof in the shade so the Stain Solver solution doesn’t evaporate.

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Stain Solver will remove green algae from:

  • asphalt shingles
  • metal roof or metal roofing
  • tile or Mexican tile roofs
  • slate roofing
  • wood shingles or wood shakes roofing

Here’s what the shingles looked like after removing the green algae. There is NO DAMAGE to the shingles: