Stain Solver is Safe Around Vegetation

It’s safe to use Stain Solver around trees, shrubs, and grass.

When you mix the certified organic Stain Solver powder with water, all you get is:

  • more water
  • free oxygen
  • natural soda ash
2-pound jar of Stain Solver with yellow scoop

Here’s the 2.2-pound size in a stunning clear 32-oz jar.

Safe To Use Stain Solver

The oxygen helps the trees, shrubs and grass when it soaks in the ground.

If you’re at all worried, just rinse any Stain Solver solution off the plants after you use it.

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  • Mix Stain Solver with hot tap water
  • Stir until dissolved
  • Apply to dry surfaces for best results

Approved Scrub Brush for Outdoor Work

This page is dedicated to Gerald Schmidt who wants to be sure all his plants and trees don’t suffer as they would had he used chlorine bleach. Chlorine bleach is TOXIC to all outdoor plants.