Certified Organic School Floor Cleaner

The folks at the Magnolia School District in Anaheim, California know how to protect their kids.

Their school floor cleaner of choice is certified organic Stain Solver.

They buy multiple SS50 buckets of certified organic Stain Solver to clean floors. They can also use it to clean tiles, doors, desks, cafeteria tables, chairs, etc.

Magnolia School District Order Invoice

Stain Solver is perfect for schools. It’s a pure powder that you mix with water.

The solution is safe and it attacks food, dirt, oil, and grime.

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Mixing and Use Instructions

Stain Solver MSDS Sheet

Mop it on floors and allow it to do the work. Follow up with a mechanical scrubber to deep clean after 15 minutes of dwell time.

Spritz Stain Solver on vertical surfaces to de-grease them. Follow up with a normal soapy cleaning solution.

Stain Solver Certified Organic logo

SS02 Stain Solver Bottle

Here’s a certified organic school floor cleaner. Made in the USA with USA ingredients.