Spray n Wash vs Stain Solver

clean ivory running hat and pink jogging shoes
This is the AFTER photo. Sheree had to use STAIN SOLVER when Spray n Wash failed to work. The BEFORE photo is just below.

Spray n Wash vs STAIN SOLVER – The Loser is:

Spray n Wash

Sheree got some stains on the bill of her favorite biking hat. She’s a retired RN and is the human version of the Energizer bunny. Sheree stays busy and doesn’t waste time nor words.

She told me, “Hat after spray n wash. Second pic is after STAIN SOLVER. It all came out.”

Here’s her hat AFTER she tried using Spray n Wash:

spray n wash failure ball cap
Look at the spots on the bill of Sheree’s running hat. Spray n Wash FAILED.

STAIN SOLVER is certified organic too!

stain solver certified organic logo