Stain Solver Quick Start Guide

Stain Solver is a certified organic powdered oxygen bleach. You mix it with warm or hot water to create a solution that cleans just about anything water washable.

Use the following quick start guide to get fast and easy results when using Stain Solver:

  • Always use warm or hot tap water to mix the Stain Solver powder
  • Mix these quantities with water for the best solution
  • Stir the water and powder for two minutes – be sure all the powder is dissolved
  • Saturate surfaces with plenty of solution
  • Work in the shade or cooler parts of the day if outside
  • Soak stained garments for at least three or four hours, then wash in your machine

CALL US if you have any difficulty and we’ll help you on the phone!

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clean green slate with bone-colored grout

Meaghan’s grout in her slate floor AFTER cleaning with Stain Solver.

stain solver certified organic