Stain Solver Quick Start Guide

Stain Solver Quick Start Guide

To get the absolute best results when using Stain Solver, follow this quick start guide that’s full of hacks:

  • Do a test first on a small spot of what you’re trying to clean
  • Mix 4 tablespoons with 1 quart of hot or warm tap water
  • STIR until completely dissolved – VERY IMPORTANT!
  • Apply a generous amount to the surface or immerse the object in the solution
  • Wait 15-30 minutes in most cases, scrub and rinse to see results


  • When using on exterior wood, concrete, pavers or other porous surface, apply when the surface is DRY.
  • Do not allow the solution to evaporate. Work in the shade when possible.
  • The longer you let the solution soak or sit, the LESS you have to scrub.
  • Scrubbing is necessary because that’s how anything gets clean. The act of cleaning anything requires mechanical agitation.

Watch this video to see how little scrubbing you have to do if you allow the solution to do most of the work.