Stain Solver Winter Sale

It’s time for the FIRST Annual Old Man Winter Sale!

The sale starts NOW. It ENDS on Sunday, January 26, 2020 at midnight Eastern Time.

You can get 10% off ANY purchase greater than $25.00

Now’s the time to get that 9-pounder you’ve bragged to your neighbors about.

Or, go all in. Get a 50-pounder. WOOT!

Did you know that we have quite a few customers who buy a 50-pound size and split it with their friends and co-workers. Yes, it seems nuts, but it’s true.

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CLICK or TAP HERE to make your purchase.

Realize that quantities of each size ARE LIMITED.

Yes, there are only SO MANY of each size at the fulfillment center. We can’t just make more the next day. Long story.

Thus, if you want to make sure YOU get the size YOU WANT, then by gosh order NOW.

Peace Out,

Tim and Kathy Carter