Hey, We’re Back!

I know, it’s been a while since we’ve reached out.  We apologize for our absence.  

It’s February 1st and we want to make 2019 the best year ever for Stain Solver, but Kathy and I need your help.  

Would you take a few moments and share with us a tiny story or two? Maybe you even have a photo to go along with it.  

We’d like you to tell us any unbelievable tales about how Stain Solver worked for you? You know, what did you think was ruined but Stain Solver magically restored it and SAVED the day!  

Your story, or stories, will help us convince others about the power of Stain Solver.  

We’d like to share your success stories at the Stain Solver website. You know, as we do, that Stain Solver is a fantastic product. Let’s try to help others save their things with Stain Solver!  

If you belong to any online groups or do social media, Kathy and I would really appreciate you sharing your stories there as well. Your friends trust you so help them get rid of stains the way you do by telling them how well Stain Solver works.  

Thanks in advance for anything you can share.  

Tim and Kathy Carter – Co-Founders StainSolver.com

P.S. If you have any ideas that you feel will help us grow Stain Solver, we’d love to hear them. Just reply to this message.