oxygen bleach 2-pound jar

STAIN SOLVER is certified organic. It’s made in the USA with USA ingredients. It’s pure. No additives or perfumes.

What is Oxygen Bleach? – It’s Fabric and Color-Safe for Starters

Oxygen bleach is a powder you mix with water. The best one you can get is just a blend of dried hydrogen peroxide and soda ash and it contains no perfumes, no magic crystals, nothing but pure certified-organic ingredients.

How is Oxygen Bleach Different than Chlorine Bleach?

Oxygen bleach is not as harsh as chlorine bleach. Chlorine bleach is such a powerful oxidizer that it can blast apart artificial dye molecules and fabric molecules. This is why colored garments or fabrics fade a little bit each time you wash them in chlorine bleach. Wash an item lots of times in chlorine bleach and you’ll discover the fabric falls apart or tears easily.

This never happens with oxygen bleach. It’s both color and fabric-safe.

What is the Chemical Name for Chlorine Bleach?

Sodium hypochlorite is the chemical name for chlorine bleach. Always look at the label of whatever you buy to ensure you’re not getting chlorine bleach.

How Does It Work?

When you mix the magic certified-organic powder with warm or hot water, you start a chemical reaction. Countless tiny oxygen ions are released into the solution. These ions do the cleaning. They bump into stain or odor molecules and break them into pieces. For example, when you break a red-wine molecule in half or multiple parts, it no longer is red wine and thus the stain disappears.

What is the Best Product?

The best product you can buy has the highest amount of active ingredients in it. Many inexpensive products at stores and online have far more filler than the active ingredient. STAIN SOLVER, to the best of our knowledge, has the highest amount of active ingredients you can buy in the USA. If any more was put in each container, we’d have to put a yellow oxidizer label on each box!

You can purchase STAIN SOLVER in our shopping cart. It’s made in the USA.

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