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  • It's Like Magic!

    My project was so easy. After a winter in Minnesota, my chairs were full of green yuck. I sprayed on the diluted Stain Solver , gave them a light scrub and rinsed with a hose. Voila! Beautiful white chairs again. So easy!

    Kimberly From Minnesota

  • Dirty Siding

    I've been using Stain Solver for years, this example is a back of a Townhouse that hasn't been cleaned in years, I mixed gallon of water and 4 scoops SS and a pole & Brush


  • So Easy To Use!

    I’ve used Stain Solver on a number of items, and it continues to impress me. I tried it on some of my most loved shoes that originally had bright white foam cores, but became quite dirty. I left them in there for 5-6 hours and came back to clean shoes! I was shocked that I didn’t even need to wipe or scrub them… Stain Solver did the work for me!

Customer Reviews

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henry w.
Excellent Product

I have used this product extensively in commercial and home settings and have always been very satisfied. This is truly a fantastic product.

Ron N.
Independent Contractor Opinion

I've been using this product for close to 20 years on decks, masonry and concrete. I like that it's environmentally friendly as I live on a river. I recommend this product to friends and customers with confidence. The empty 2# containers make great nail and screw caddies.

Dominick I.
GREAT Product for cleaning

I've used this, with great success, on clothing stains, fiberglass house siding and cleaning the black soot stains on chimneys.! I used a spray-rig to spray the mix on the outside.. Just spray it and hit it with water. The chimney, on the other hand, I just left it on. the soot slowly dissolved and bleached. to their original red!

Sandy B.

I have white Corian sinks and nothing makes them white except for this stainsolver.

Bob B.
I was skeptical...

I wasn't sure anything could get rid of this nasty toilet bowl stain. I was wrong.
Stain Solver did the trick! It took a little elbow grease to keep the Stain Solver on the crud, but I am super, super pleases with the result. This stuff is awesome

Stain Solver

Stain Solver is a safe, effective, and powerful cleaner that tackles a wide variety of tough stains. It's powerful enough to remove coffee, ketchup, and grass stains yet is gentle enough to be used on fabrics, carpets, and upholstery. Stain Solver's versatility makes it the ideal all-in-one cleaner for your home. An easy to use measuring scoop is included in every jar!






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