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Great product!

This product was very easy to mix & use - cleaned my stone patio with it & it did the job with only 1 application. Added benefit is I didn't need to wear a mask while using it - not caustic like some heavy duty products.

Stain Solver
Hanna L.
Love it!

I have been having a lot of fun with stain solver lately. I love to thrift and reduce waste by buying clothes that last a long time but I’m messy and my clothes tend to get stains. I usually leave them in a pile in my basement to deal with at a later date but since getting stain solver I’ve been experimenting with what I can save. It has helped me save so many of my favorite clothes including jackets and shoes. They look brand new again and I’m so happy that I can get more life out of them!

Stain Solver
Laura P.
Don't throw out those old tennis shoes...make them like new with Stain Solver

Wow, shocking how clean this product made several old pair of tennis shoes. It did require a little bit of scrubbing with a brush but they look amazing. Tip: only do one pair of shoes at a time as material could be different and take different time.

Stain Solver Works!

We tried Stain Solver hoping to remove some tough green stains from many years of algae growth on the north side of our home exterior. While we had to apply it twice because I didn't leave it on long enough the first time, with a little scrubbing our siding was stain-free. Amazing. It's key to follow the directions and use Stain Solver at the indicated strength for the job.

Stain Solver
Maureen R.
Outstanding product

A outstanding product that has never disappointed in any cleaning job.

Stain Solver
Paul L.
Ordering more

I am ordering more while the sale is on. Great product. One question. How long will a mixture sit in a sprayer before it starts to lose it’s cleaning power?

Super Stain Solver

We start using steam so over in the fall of 2022. Since then I continue to use it daily in my laundry and any problem area. I need a stance over. It always is successful and I like the natural product very much. Companies excellent to do business with and always helpful and I appreciate them and their product. Kay and Jon Simpson.

Stain Solver

I’ve used stain solver for years & currently have a 50# container; I use it for all kinds of cleaning problems. This purchase was a gift for a close friend.

Stain Solver
Gloria S.
Good cleaning

Stain solver cleaned the Corian sink that was terribly stained. We soaked with stain solver for several hours and the sink looked great.

Stain Solver
Lisa M.
Stain Solver

Love the product! Works miracles on everything!


I have success on everything that I used stain solver on. Plus I use in my laundry daily and love this product. K Simpson

Stain Solver
David C.
5 Star product (Great!) with 3 star packaging (easy to fix)

Absolutely great stuff -- for deck, wood furniture, patio, brick walls, siding, and much more. But, the redesigned 5-gallon bucket lid needs to be secured with shipping tape for transport (it unscrewed and arrived very loose). Fortunately, the 5 gallon bucket was shipped in a box so only a small amount of powder was wasted (the box arrived with a hole and powder was falling out). Shipping aside, I'm a repeat customer because this is a great product, and shipping tape is an easy fix for securing the screw-on/off lid.

Better than I hoped

I have been so thrilled with Stain Solver- I did everything it promised and more. I had green steps in back of my house and they were cleaned in no time. I cleaned my greasy hood inserts. Now I’m using in the laundry too and getting great results!

Worked As Advertised

I used it to clean the shower drain that was emitting a really foul odor. No issues so far!

Stain Solver
Todd D.
Great service and kept me informed all along on the progress of the order

Great service and love the product.

Stain Solver
Richard S.


Stain Solver
Michael S.
Long Time User

I can’t remember when I started to use Stain Solver, probably in the late eighties, or early nineties. I do remember it was $50 for fifty pounds at that time. I could go on and on about how great this product is and I can’t say enough good things about it and I have commented more than once that I could be a spokesperson for Stain Solver. One example is the vinyl floor on my pontoon boat. It picks up stains from wet leaves which is impossible to get out with every product out there. Stain solver does the job and makes it look like new. Same story with my quarry tile on my porches. You can’t go wrong with this product. and I can honestly say I can’t live without it.

Stain Solver
Henry W.
Excellent Product

I have used this product extensively in commercial and home settings and have always been very satisfied. This is truly a fantastic product.

Worked on my Bluestone

Took geranium stains out of my bluestone. But when I emailed for some advice, I got no response.

Stain Solver
Nate W.
Stain Solver vs. Oxy-Clean

I've used both on ball caps recently. Comparison, the oxyclean did just as good a job as stain solver if not better and it cost less.

Independent Contractor Opinion

I've been using this product for close to 20 years on decks, masonry and concrete. I like that it's environmentally friendly as I live on a river. I recommend this product to friends and customers with confidence. The empty 2# containers make great nail and screw caddies.

Stain Solver
Dominick I.
GREAT Product for cleaning

I've used this, with great success, on clothing stains, fiberglass house siding and cleaning the black soot stains on chimneys.! I used a spray-rig to spray the mix on the outside.. Just spray it and hit it with water. The chimney, on the other hand, I just left it on. the soot slowly dissolved and bleached. to their original red!

Stain Solver
Tracy T.
Stain solver is like a miracle worker!

I have used Stainsolver for so many things over the years, one of the most areas is on my dining room chairs after my granddaughters come for dinner, they could be a mess and the next day I clean them, and they look brand new!!

Stain Solver
Ross B.
Amazing Stuff

I’ve only used Stain Solver on our clothes and am pleasantly surprised how clean and bright everything comes out!!!
My next project is to try it out on our windows.


NOthing beats Stain Solver for cleaning grout lines, tile, in the laundry, cleaning up coffe makes, coffee cups, stainless steel, etc.

Lots of stuff!