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Best Cleaner I've ever used.

This product is the best cleaner I've ever used. I have been buying it now for about 10 years and have used it on everything that requires cleaning from clothing to roofing and stone. I've mixed it and placed it in pots with a multitude of parts that required cleaning or de-staining. Nothing has beaten it yet.

Garden House -Almost sent to the Dump -"Finally Cleaned"

Over the years, i have only bought Stain Solver in the 5 gallon buckets (see Picture). I have used it in many outside areas and wash my deck yearly (big deck with 2 levels). I saw there was a contest for the spring projects before and after at some point in time so here is my entry. My wife has a plastic Garden house that basically is put up in garden and witting on ground for a month with spikes and bricks holding it down from winds blowing over while the plants inside (she brought up from seeds from a local seed exchange). i thought it had seen better days and was going to be recycled or taken to the dump. I filled up a large plastic black cement mixer pan with hot water (see picture) and mixed in 2 FULL scoops of stain solver. I set the tent in and then twisted the tent up and pressed it in the water and held it down with some bricks under the water.
You can see on the before pictures how dirty the tent seams were and after 3 days of just sitting in the solution, the end result is great. I just pulled it out and rinsed the tent off (see pictures)
Once again , I am impressed with the great results. I formally submit for the contest for consideration for a prize. thanks

Old Stains on Mattress Cover

There was a large (~10") yellow stain from body fluid on an expensive mattress cover caused by a guest child sometime back. Even after washing using bleach, this stain did not come out. So, I put it away for the future to look for some strong stain removal agent. Finally, I saw Stain Solver info. I read some success comments and I ordered a small bottle. I followed the directions by dissolving in hot water and soaking the stained portion in a large bucket for ~3 hours. Guess What! No Stains! It was like there never was any stains. I wish I had taken before picture to prove it.
I have also used it on shower stall florr which had black stains. I am not sure if it was mild/mildew but it was not coming off by scrubbing with bleach or any other cleaning agents. So, I blocked the drain with a rubberized flat piece and poured a half bucket of hot Stain Solver solution & left it for 30 minutes. Again, success. All stains were gone.

Did not work on patio stone

The stone around my pool was very dirty with green algae and black mold. I followed the directions and used a sprayer to soak the tile. I scrubbed and soaked more than once. It did not even come off when I used a brush to scrub. I still had to use a power washer to clean the stone. Really disappointing.

Worked even better than expected

Got this to clean up a tub that I was planning to repair chips in. Turned out what I thought were chips in the veneer were just grime that Stain Solver made disappear. I was really quite impressed.

One thing I didn't think about when purchasing was that Stain Solver needs to maintain contact with what you're trying to clean for a period of time in order to work. That's challenging if the object you're cleaning is sloped. I found that mixing it into more of a paste-like material that would cake and stick to the object to be effective.

Stain Solver
Rachel B.
So easy to use!

I’ve used Stain Solver on a number of items, and it continues to impress me. First, I tried it on some stubborn stains on my Le Creuset dutch oven. I poured a half cup of Stain Solver in the pot with hot water, stirred, and left it in my kitchen sink overnight. By morning, those brown stains were gone! I also tried it on some of my most loved shoes that originally had bright white foam cores, but became quite dirty. I threw a couple tablespoons of Stain Solver in a soaking tub, stirred it around with hot water, and then threw my shoes in there! Instantly, the water turned a gross color (probably from the dirt on the bottom of my shoes that I didn’t clean beforehand). The hardest part was figuring out how to sink them (the foam core wanted to float). Once I figured that out, I left them in there for 5-6 hours and came back to clean shoes! I was shocked that I didn’t even need to wipe or scrub them… Stain Solver did the work for me! We also use Stain Solver in loads of laundry, on our puppy’s messes, and we plan to use it outside on our patio this summer. I recommend Stain Solver to anyone looking to do less work and still get clean results!!

Stain Solver
Fred P.
An awesome Laundry aid!

I use an occasional scoop in the wash load... instant fresh that detergents cannot produce!


Countless Uses

I've used this product for over 12 years and will continue to do so thanks to its many uses

Stain Solver
Bobby H.
Even Removed an Insanely Tough Mud Stain

All the other stain removers came up short on this gross mud stain I had on my white shorts, but Stain Solver magically cut through no problem. This stuff is really impressive.

Fast delivery!

Fast delivery with plenty of updates on delivery days.

Saved a ton of time!

I almost went and rented a powerwasher (which would have taken several hours of time and quite a bit of $$$), but instead used Stain Solver. The whole job took less than an hour and a half and only 6 cups of Stain Solver. Love this stuff!

Stain Solver
Renee D.
This stuff really works!

I had a white athletic jacket that I really loved… and a few stubborn stains almost landed it in the hood will pile… I had tried everything (even bleach) and I couldn’t get it clean… as a last ditch effort I tried stain solver. I soaked it for two hours and my jacket came out spotless. Perfectly white. I’m sold! Love this product!

Stain Solver
Dirty Siding

I've been using Stain Solver for years, this example is a back of a Townhouse that hasn't been cleaned in years, I mixed gallon of water and 4 scoops SS and a pole & Brush

Stain Solver
Essie G.
Excellent product!!

I originally purchased it for my floor. It did good on my floor but I purchased a house with an older dish washer with brown looking stains in it. I put a scoop where the dishwasher table goes and it did an excellent job. Not only is it white, but the stale smell is also gone!! I would give it an A+.

Stain Solver
It’s like magic!

My project was so easy. After a winter in Minnesota, my chairs were full of green yuck. I sprayed on the diluted Stain Solver , gave them a light scrub and rinsed with a hose. Voila! Beautiful white chairs again. So easy!

Stain Solver
Lorene B.
Oven vent cleaning made easy

We used to clean ours with white vinegar and dish soap. This year I I pulled out the stain solver and was both amazed and personally a bit horrified at the grime that came out. Being in a hurry i only let them soak 20 minutes. But after seeing the grease and ring on the sink, I did another 20 minutes of fresh batch (1/2 scoop and hot water). I then used a soft cloth to clean the frame and did a final soak because I needed to see clean water. . I took several pictures - They are in reverse order in my preview.

Stain Solver
michael c.
works great in our deli

we own a deli in our convenience store/gas station and always had a hard time to clean our greasy rags until we started using stain solver, my wife was so impressed with the cleaning power that we use it as home in our laundry as well as cleaning the decks in the summer. we like it so much we buy it by the 5 gallon pail. great stuff. we also use it in our carwashes to keep the algae and grime off the walls.

My favorite pair of white tennies were looking sad and smelling worse. Stain Solver made them look and smell great again. Love this product!

Stain Solver
Rhea O.

I recently had interactions with the new owners of Stain solver. I am very impressed with their professionalism, and the service provided. I order this product to be sent to Canada, and they organized this for me quickly and easily.

Re: Stain Solver. We use Stain Solver for so very many things around our house. I use it with almost every load of clothes we wash, use it in our septic system, wash our floors with it (and especially to clean the grout), soak many articles in it -- clothes and other items.

One of our most amazing cleaning jobs I can think of is when it cleaned red wine out of concrete. The front legs on a wine rack broke and many many bottles of red wine broke as well. This happened overnight and wasn't noticed until the next morning. The concrete floor was very stained, and the whole basement smelled strongly of wine. We soaked the concrete with a Stain Solver solution a few times, and each time the stain became lighter, until it completely disappeared. The smell also decreased as we got the stain out and completely disappated with a bit more time. (Sorry we didn't think to take pictures)

We love this product which is why we have it sent to us in Canada (even with the duty, and postage costs to send it). Try it -- you won't regret it.

Stain Solver is a great product, highly recommend its use. I had a cabin in the mountains of SW Utah, the exterior wall was cedar and over time with some minimal sap leakage, along with dust and smoke from nearby forest fires the north wall was very black/dirty. I sprayed Stain Solver on the wall several times, keeping the wall wet for about 30-60 mins, lightly brushed the wall and then rinsed with a hose and the majority of the dirt washed off. I did not get a good picture of the lower main wall, but you can see the difference from just above the horizontal border that had yet to be done. The other two pictures are from the second story before and after.

Cleaning power beyond any oxygen powder I have tried makes this my go to for everyday clean up. My cutting board never looked so bright. Greasy and cooked-solid grime on pans - even my grill pan - res release easily. Stubborn stains on my clothes go away with a dose in the washer basket. The local birds relish the results of soaking the bird bath to remove algae.

Dissolve completely to get best results!

Thank you !

I use Stain Solver to clean my front stoop. It is made of textured, decorative cement and gets horribly stained, especially from leaves that stick to it in the fall. The before and after photos below show what an incredible job this product does.

This product delivers,not like the other oxygen type clearners ,this one really works.I have used this on so many things,safley and always has preformed.

I use StainSolver on just about everything, from clothing stains to mildew on my patio. It's great at removing coffee stains in my coffee cups. Most areas on my patio get very little sunlight, so each spring I clean it with StainSolver. A bit labor intensive, but the results are amazing.

It took me FOREVER, along with making all the mistakes one could make, to pay closer attention to PROPERLY following directions.
EXTREMELY important to dissolve powder THOROUGHLY in boiling water PRIOR to application. Then follow up with a lot of time & patience. I ALWAYS keep powder on hand & pass the word on about your fab powder.
Pitfall, VERY expensive.
Keep doing what you're doing. 😁👏🤙