How to Use Stain Solver

Have questions about how to use your Stain Solver? Want to know how to clean a specific item? This is the page for you! Learn the best ways to use Stain Solver, our best tips and tricks, and how others have gotten AMAZING results on their toughest messes.

Stain Solver is easy to use!

One of the best parts about Stain Solver is just how easy it is to use!

Simply mix the powder with warm or hot water, stir until completely dissolved, and apply to or soak your stained item.

Let the Stain Solver work for a while, between 30 minutes and 2 hours, and viola! Your Stain is Solved!

How Much Should I Use?

This is our most asked question! We’ve tried out many different ratios, and have found that for most jobs a ratio of 1 Tablespoon of Stain Solver to 1 Cup of water is the most appropriate. Here is a handy chart that will help you scale this ratio to whatever is most appropriate for your job.

Hot Water Stain Solver Powder
1 Cup 1 Tablespoon
1 Quart 1/4 Cup
1/2 Gallon 1/2 Cup
1 Gallon 1 Cup