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What is Stain Solver? How is it made? Who runs this place anyways? Learn about who we are, what we do, and how Stain Solver works here!


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What is Stain Solver?

Stain Solver is a mixture of two chemicals, Sodium Percarbonate and Soda Ash. That’s it! 

Sodium Percarbonate is the active ingredient and cleaning agent, while the soda ash is a cleaning booster that helps reomve oil stains.

How Does Stain Solver Work?

Stain Solver works by dissolving in water, initiating a chemical reaction that releases oxygen bubbles, effectively lifting the stain from whatever it is that you’re cleaning.

Who Runs Stain Solver?

Stain Solver was started in the late 90s by Tim and Kathy Carter, who ran the business for over two decades! 

In 2022, they sold the business to the Negen family, that’s us! We are longtime users of the product who also happen to be entrepeneurs. We’re very excited to grow such an exciting brand and continuing to provide you with the stain removal product that you rely on. 

Joe, the guy who’s running the show around here, is helped and guided by his parents, Bob and Susan. Sam is the man behind the camera and makes all of our video content look amazing. 

We’re a family business and are so grateful that you’ve chosen to work with us, thank you for your support.