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What is Stain Solver? How is it made? Who runs this place anyways? Learn about who we are, what we do, and how Stain Solver works here!


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Who Runs Stain Solver?

Stain Solver is truly a family affair! We’re the Negen family, and we’re the owners and operators of Stain Solver.

the negen family

After years of being huge fans and loyal customers of Stain Solver the Negen family bought the company from its founders, Tim and Cathy when they were ready to retire. We love the product just as much as you do, and couldn't bear the thought of it disappearing from the earth! When the opportunity to work with such an exciting brand came along we couldn’t wait to jump in and help share the cleaning powers of Stain Solver with the world!

Joe runs the show around here, and does everything from customer service to web design! He recently graduated from the University of Michigan, and loves the challenge of running a small business. When he’s not working you can find him skiing, playing guitar, or reading a book.

Bob and Susan are the voices of experience in the room, and have been entrepreneurs for… well… let’s just say a good long while! (They don’t want to date themselves too much!) In addition to being advisors at Stain Solver they run WhizBang! Retail Training, a company dedicated to helping small to mid-sized independent retailers the skills they need to run successful businesses.

Sam is the man behind the camera and makes sure that all of our Stain Solver content looks amazing. He’s a photography student at Montana State University, and can often be found skiing with Joe, or in the darkroom developing film.

As a family of entrepreneurs we’re so grateful to you, our customers, and are dedicated to giving you the best possible product service here at Stain Solver!

What Is Stain Solver?

Stain Solver is a proprietary mixture of two chemicals, Sodium Percarbonate and Soda Ash. That’s it!

Sodium Percarbonate is the active ingredient and cleaning agent, while soda ash is a cleaning booster that helps remove oil stains.

Hard to believe a formula this simple can pack a such a powerful punch, but it does!

If you want to read some technical information about the active ingredient in Stain Solver, sodium percarbonate, here is some more information from outside sources:

The Wikipedia Page on Sodium Percarbonate

The National Library of Medicine Database Entry on Sodium Percarbonate

The Hazardous Substances Data Bank Entry On Sodium Percarbonate

How Does Stain Solver Work?

When you mix your dirtiest, nastiest, most mold infected, stained or downright gross stuff that needs to be clean with Stain Solver dissolved in water you start a powerful chemical reaction that turns the Sodium Percarbonate in Stain Solver into water and Hydrogen Peroxide, the same stuff that you probably have in your medicine cabinet. It’s the oxygen released by the hydrogen peroxide that attacks and remvoes even the most set in stains. When you see bubble, you know your stains don’t have a chance!