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Stain Solver

Stain Solver

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Stain Solver is your everyday, everything cleaning solution! Whether you're trying to tackle big projects like a deck that's covered in moss and algae, or just want to get a coffee stain off of a white sweater, Stain Solver is your best cleaning bet. Get it in one of four sizes, from the Small to try it out, all the way up to the Jumbo so you can share Stain Solver with all of your friends.


You get simple flat-rate shipping through UPS for all products. We charge a flat rate in order to ensure that your shipping rate is consistent and does not fluctuate based on external factors such as your location, the time that you order, and (most importantly) the cost of fuel when you order your product. 

For sizes small, medium, and large the shipping rate is $8, and for the Jumbo, the shipping rate is $19. 

Use Instructions

For best results, mix Stain Solver powder with HOT water! See our How-To page for more detailed instructions

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