How To Remove a Red Wine Stain

How To Remove a Red Wine Stain

In the world of stains, red wine stands at the top of the mountain when it comes to notoriety. Not only is difficult to get out, it always seems to find its way onto the white fabrics in our lives!

Well have no fear, Stain Solver is your silver bullet when it comes to getting rid of your toughest red wine Stains. In this article we have a video about how to get red wine stains out of napkins, and a case study for how to remove them from a white shirt.

Let’s get started!

Why Is It So Hard To Get A Red Wine Stain Out?

First let’s talk about why spilled wine is so tough to remove from your clothes and furniture. It all comes down to the tannins!

If you’ve ever heard a sommelier (or just someone who fancies themselves a wine expert) talk about a bottle of Cabernet, you’ve probably heard of tannis. They are a natural compound found in grapes that give wine its color, flavor, and astringency, all of the things that we like in wine!

Unfortunately, these tannins are also the primary cause of wine stains. When red wine is spilled on a surface, the tannins can bind to the fibers and cause a permanent stain.

Your Guide To Red Wine Stain Removal

General Tips

  1. Remove the red wine stain immediately if possible. While one of the big advantages of using Stain Solver is that it can get out even old red wine stains, it’s no secret that wet stains come out easier. If possible, get to the red wine spill quickly, it will save you some time in the cleaning process.
  2. Use hot water! While there are some stains that cold water is better for (like grass stains) hot water is dhe champ for red wine. Especially when mixing a stain remover like Stain Solver, you want to use hot water.
  3. Use salt to absorb the wine stain. While we’ve had mixed results with this technique, some people swear by it. You can sprinkle salt on your red wine stain to soak up some oft the stain.

How To Get Red Wine Stains Out Of A Dinner Napkin

If you’ve ever had a dinner party and woke up the next morning to find that some of your white napkins were stained with red wine, don’t worry! We made a video with our friend Renee about this very problem.


But what if you’ve got a stain on something a little more precious than a dinner napkin? Luckily we tested Stain Solver on a white dress shirt to ensure that it could solve those stains as well.

How To Get Red Wine Stains Out Of A White Shirt

If the stains are on your clothing and not a napkin, you might think that you will have to do something totally different. Fortunately, the approach to removing a stain here is very similar!

Here is a photo of a white shirt that had gotten a huge red wine stain on it recently:

a white dress shirt with a red wine stain on it.

If you are thinking that the shirt should be headed for the garbage bin, think again! Stain Solver made it look just like new. Here’s how.

  1. Mix a half-cup of Stain Solver with a half-gallon of hot water (this is the recommended ratio, but you can eyeball it) and stir until completely dissolved.
  2. Soak the affected piece of clothing in the solution for an hour. The stain will usually come out before this, so just take a look every 15 minutes or so to check on the progress.
  3. Run it through the wash as you normally would.

Here’s what the shirt looked like after Stain Solver worked its magic.

Like it never even happened!

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