side by side image of a stainless steel pan before and after Stain Solver removed the baked on grease

How To Remove Baked on Grease From Your Stainless Steel Pans

Tell me if this has ever happened to you: you cook a wonderful meal, but when you're trying to clean up afterwards you notice some burnt on grease that has become firmly stuck on your cookware.

No matter how hard you scrub, this baked on grease stays put, and you wonder whether your cookware will ever look sparkling clean ever again.

Don't worry, we're going to show you a simple and easy way to remove baked on grease that can accumulate on stainless steel frying pans using Stain Solver, a safe and effective oxygen cleaner.

How do you get baked on grease?

Before we talk about how to clean your pots and pans, let's first go over what exactly happens to make those nasty bits of baked on gunk and burnt on food.

Fats are present in almost all food, and when they're exposed to heat they soften and break down, turning them from solid to liquid. But when they get to a high enough temperature, like when you cook food on a stove, the heat causes the oils to polymerize, or bond together and harden.

These polymers are what create the non-stick surface on a cast iron pan, but they can be unsightly and problematic on stainless steel or glass.

How To Remove Baked On Grease on Stainless Steel

In this blog post we are going to cover how you can use Stain Solver to remove the toughest burnt grease from your stainless steel pans.

First, check out this pan before Stain Solver was used to clean off the burnt grease stains:

a pan with baked on grease on the bottom of it

Not a pretty sight! You could soak this pan in dish soap for weeks and it wouldn't remove this baked on grease.

a frying pan that has been cleaned and is now free of grease stains.

Check out how well Stain Solver was able to remove grease on the pan we showed above:

The pan looked almost unrecognizable! Luckily, with Stain Solver, hot water, and a little bit of elbow grease, you'll be able to get results just like this.

Step by Step Instructions

One of the best parts about Stain Solver is just how easy it is to use. Here are the steps that we took to clean off this frying pan.

Step 1: Prepare and Mix the Stain Solver

In order to see the best possible results, it's very important that you mix the Stain Solver properly. Fill up your sink with the hottest water that will come out of it, or even get boiling water if you're feeling enthusiastic, and then mix in 1 cup of Stain Solver. Stir until completely dissolved.

Step 2: Soak Your Pans

This is where the magic happens! Simply place the affected pots and pans in the Stain Solver solution and let the cleaning bubbles do their work. The Stain Solver will loosen up the stubborn grease with oxygen power. 

For really dirty pans we recommend leaving them in the solution all day. When you start to see bits of congealed fat come to the surface of the water you'll know you're on the right track!

If after a day there is still a substantial amount of baked on grease, you should drain your sink, repeat step one, and let it sit overnight.

Step 3: Final Touches

When you take the stained pan out of the water you'll notice that nearly all of the baked on grease has disappeared! The grease will have loosened considerably, and for the very last bits we recommend using warm water and dish soap with a non-abrasive sponge like brillo pads, and giving the affected areas a good scrub.

What is Stain Solver and why does it work so well?

Stain Solver is an oxygen bleach powder that can be used to tackle tough stains in your home, including stubborn grease built up on baking pans. It’s non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe to use around pets and children.

It works by releasing oxygen molecules when it comes into contact with water, which helps to break down organic matter like oils and fats that are present in grease.

When the safe chemical reaction occurs, the powder becomes chemically the same as hydrogen peroxide, which is a safe household chemical that happens to be very effective at removing baked on grease!

Other Kitchen Messes Stain Solver Can Clean

If you were thinking that there are other grease stains or kitchen messes that Stain Solver can help solve, you're quite right! It can help clean burnt on grease on all sorts of kitchenware, like cookie sheets, baking sheets, and even glass top stoves!

Last Thoughts

Removing baked on grease from frying pans doesn't have to be difficult—or dangerous—when you've got Stain Solver on hand!

With its safe yet powerful formula capable of breaking down even stubborn grease deposits quickly and effectively without leaving behind any streaks or residues afterwards, what's not love about this amazing product?

Plus, now that you know how easy it is thanks to this handy guide we've provided here today…what're you waiting for? Get out there and get cleaning! 

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