How To Remove Coffee Stains From Your Clothes

How To Remove Coffee Stains From Your Clothes

It's happened to us all; the dreaded coffee stain. If you're the kind of person who needs a cup of coffee in the morning (like us here at Stain Solver) then you've likely spilled at least one cup of coffee all over yourself, your carpet, or your dog.

While we can't help you get coffee stains out of your dog (seriously... don't use Stain Solver on a dog) we can definitely help you get rid of your toughest coffee stains on all of your favorite clothes.

Yep, even dried coffee stains that have been there for years.

Yep, even on colored fabrics.

Yep, even that white sweater that you LOVE but you dumped an entire mug on that one morning.

Let's get started on our Stain Solver guide to coffee stain removal.

Why Are Coffee Stains So Hard To Remove?

Let's start with a quick discussion of why it's so danged difficult to remove coffee stains in the first place. It all comes down to something called tannins.

Tannins are the compounds in coffee that give it its dark color, which is beautiful to look at in a mug, but not so nice to look at when you spill coffee on yourself! These kinds of compounds are present in notorious stainers like red wine, which Stain Solver also happens to be excellent at cleaning!

These tannins, along with the lipids (or fats) in coffee are what causes the coffee stains to be so persistent.

It begs the question...

Can Coffee Stains Be Removed?

Luckily, the answer is a resounding yes!

While a standard laundry detergent or the leading stain remover (we won't name any names...) might not be able to take care of your toughest coffee stains, Stain Solver is up to the task.

Step-By-Step Process for Coffee Stain Removal

Now that we've talked about why it's difficult to clean coffee stains, we'll go over a step by step process for removing coffee stains, and show you what kind of results you can expect when using Stain Solver to clean up after your coffee spills.

A Coffee Stained White Sweater Before

Check out this white sweater that was badly stained. This is what we'll be using as our case study today.

Check out that big ugly coffee stain right in the middle of it! This stain had been dried for over a week too, and was firmly stuck in there. Some people might assume that this sweater has seen its last days, but not us! Let's show you how to remove coffee stains.

What You'll Need to Remove Coffee Stains

One of the best parts about this project is that all you'll need is Stain Solver, hot water, and a sink!

Step 1: Prepare the Stain Solver solution

Fill up a sink or large basin with HOT water, then add a cup of Stain Solver powder. Stir until completely dissolved.

Note: you can use warm or cold water, but it will slow the dissolution process substantially. Use hot water if at all possible.

Step 2: Soak The Garment

This is the easy part! Simply put the stained garment in the solution and let it sit for two to three hours. This is even on the safe side, and if the garment has a fresh stain, or one that isn't very pronounced it could take even less time.

Step 3: Wash and Dry as Normal

After soaking for an hour, you can take your garment from the cleaning solution and gently rinse it with warm water. After you've done that, you can put it through the wash using whatever is your preferred laundry detergent.

The Big Reveal

Three easy steps to remove coffee stains from your clothes! Now, are you ready to see the difference that Stain Solver made on these dried coffee stains?

A clean white sweater

Boom! The stain is gone! And not like kind-of-sort-of-you-can-hardly-see-it gone, gone gone!

Additional Tips For Removing Coffee Stains

Now that we have looked at how to use Stain Solver to clean set in stains, let's discuss a few more tips that we've found to be useful in our quest to find the absolute best ways to remove coffee stains.

Act Fast!

While Stain Solver is great at getting rid of even really old coffee stains, there's no doubt that coffee stains come out much easier when you tackle them right after spilling coffee.

If you act quickly you likely won't need a full soak to remove the stain, just mix one quart warm water with one quarter cup of Stain Solver and apply to the stained area. You can use a wet cloth to apply the solution, or simply pour it on.

Be Patient!

Allow plenty of time for the solution to work its magic before washing and drying as normal. If you take your garment out and some stain remains, don't fret, it's just a matter of time! Make yourself (another) cup of coffee, pick out a good book, and let it sit for a little while longer. Before you know it you'll take it our and viola! The stain is gone.

Some Important Fabric Safety Notes

Stain Solver is incredible at removing a coffee stain from synthetic and cotton fabrics, but you SHOULD NOT use it on silk or wool. It can seriously damage these fabrics, and we don't want that!

If you're trying to clean stains from wool or silk, we reccomend either taking it to a dry cleaner, who will have specialized tools and equipment, or using a very mild liquid laundry detergent specifically made for those kinds of fabrics, such as Woolite.

Why Is Stain Solver So Good at Removing Coffee Stains?

You might be wondering why Stain Solver is such an effective stain remover, and we don't blame you! Luckily there is no hocus pocus, and no magic in what makes our product so effective, just science! It all comes down to the use of our active ingredient, sodium percarbonate.

The Power of Peroxide

When you mix Stain Solver powder with water, a safe and natural chemical reaction occurs, leading the percarbonate to become hydrogen peroxide, yep, the same hydrogen peroxide as you probably have in your medicine cabinet right now!

When that peroxide is created, the oxygen bubbles are what lifts the stains from the clothing, allowing you to safely and effectively remove coffee stains. Even better, it's safe to use on colored fabrics as well as whites, unlike traditional chlorine bleach.

Stain Solver can help you restore all kinds of stained fabrics, not just coffee! Check out some of our other cleaning tips for more advice and inspiration. No matter what kind of stain you're trying to solve, we've got you covered.

Final Thoughts!

Well, there you have it!

We hope that you've found this guide useful, and that its given you some insight into the best way to use Stain Solver in conjunction with your regular liquid laundry detergent to solve even your most persistent coffee stains.

Stain Solver is the best way to get coffee stains out of your favorite clothes, whether they're made of cotton or synthetic fabrics. The next time that you have a coffee spill, don't freak out! Just reach for Stain Solver and watch as it removes the coffee stain quickly and easily.

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