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Stain Solver is your

Everyday Everything Eco-Friendly Cleaner.

Just mix it with Water and let the cleaning power of oxygen take care of your toughest stains.

From the kitchen, to the garage, and everywhere in between, Stain Solver is the cleaning product you've been looking for.

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Customer Reviews

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Henry W.
Excellent Product

I have used this product extensively in commercial and home settings and have always been very satisfied. This is truly a fantastic product.

Ron N.
Independent Contractor Opinion

I've been using this product for close to 20 years on decks, masonry and concrete. I like that it's environmentally friendly as I live on a river. I recommend this product to friends and customers with confidence. The empty 2# containers make great nail and screw caddies.

Dominick I.
GREAT Product for cleaning

I've used this, with great success, on clothing stains, fiberglass house siding and cleaning the black soot stains on chimneys.! I used a spray-rig to spray the mix on the outside.. Just spray it and hit it with water. The chimney, on the other hand, I just left it on. the soot slowly dissolved and bleached. to their original red!

Deanne S.
A Must Have!

Stain silver gets out every stain I use it on, especially stains in clothes! It’s amazing how well it works and has never damaged anything I have used it on.


Not your average oxygen bleach. Tried a cheaper brand, but came right back to this one. Fantastic for cleaning indoor tile grout.

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